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“I am passionate and professional about Graphic and Web Design and always pay great attention to detail.
I wish to expand my skills on a daily basis with the help of an employee-focused company.”

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Anastazja Michniewicz
My name is Anastazja Michniewicz, I’m 26 years old and I live in Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

I think that my passion for art and creativity first appeared when I was little. My father still tells me stories about my artistic endeavours... One time he left me and my siblings at home just to go to the shop around the corner, before he left us he gave us warning "When I come back I want to see the walls in the condition I left them in!" he said. He left us some paper to draw on and some markers. We were always listening to our dad, as much as kids can listen anyway. He came back home and saw everything but walls, covered in butterflies, flowers and zigzags. I saw his angry face and stood there crying as he gave out to us but all I could think of saying was "You said not to draw on the walls, so we didn't..." I think we got away with it, at the end of the day the walls were untouched.

I did art in secondary school but was very limited to what I could do. I always loved sketching and painting. My favourite class was Technical Graphics (later changed to DCG) where we did lots of cool technical drawings and 3D projects in Solid Works on the computers. It was exciting, that was the first time I played with 3D graphics and I loved it!

After my Leaving Certificate I decided to pursue a Computing with Games Development course in the Institute of Technology Tralee, Ireland. In first year of that course we got introduced to Graphic and Web Design. I loved manipulating graphics in Adobe Photoshop and design logos in Illustrator. That was where I got inspired! I loved every aspect of HTML and CSS, the idea of typing up code to create a visually appealing website blew my mind! I thought it was the best and the easiest thing to do in the world and I was surprised that people don't own their personal websites. I think that anyone with a profession should have one.

Unfortunately, the course I did in college didn’t cover much of Graphic and Web Design, just four modules in first year of a four year course. I learned a good deal, from JustBasic programming language to Java, C# and XNA. I did a lot of SQL and Autodesk 3DS Max. Even now I still refresh my memory and try to code or design something in those programs.

When I finished college, I was still willing to pursue Graphic and Web design so I decided to attend a Digitl Web Design training course in ETB which ended in September 2014. Currently I am building my portfolio. So far it is going good because, well… Here I am!

Feel free to browse around, take a look at MY DESIGNS, read MY RESUME or follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Tumblr. And if you in need of a designer just CONTACT ME by filling the contact form or by any of the social media!

Take care and Thank you.

Services Provided

Web Design

Brochure Websites
Wordpress Websites
Simple eCommerce ( Wordpress ) Websites
Existing Website Updates and Modifications
Website Content Management
Hosting and Domain Registration
Search Engine Registration

Graphic Design

Brochures / Leaflets
Business Cards
Greeting Cards for All Ocasions



  • IT skills: Very good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, also HTML and CSS
  • CAD: Extensive knowledge of Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Communication: Excellent interpersonal and client relationship skills
  • Problem Solving: Can easily find out a quick and decisive way of overcoming most problems when they arise
  • Organizational Ability: Perform best when I base my time and work around an organized timetable and routine
  • Flexible and willing to learn: Find it easy to listen to others and to pick up new tasks. Fast learner
  • Team work: Prefer to work on my own but I work well in teams and always willing to help other co-workers


City & Guilds Level 3 in CAD
Kerry ETB Training Centre, Monavalley, Tralee, Co. Kerry
Sept 2015 - June 2016

FETAC Level 5 in Digital Web Design
Kerry ETB Training Centre, Monavalley, Tralee, Co. Kerry
June 2014 - September 2014

FETAC Level 6 in Computing
Institute of Technology Tralee
Sept. 2010 - May 2012


  • Fluent in two languages, native Polish and English.
  • Graduated college with a Higher Certificate in Computing.
  • Very good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
  • Very good knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  • Basic knowledge of Java, C#, XNA, Autodesk 3DS Max, Solid Works and SQL.

Web Design Gallery

Web Design
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Graphic Design Gallery

Graphic Design
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Latest Work

Christmas Card
I'm very excited to announce that I have another website project underway for Mr Conor O'Donovan. And here is my idea for the logo/header based on the business cards that Mr O'Donovan has made for himself already...
DMA Website
What have you been up to? Because I've done this... DMArchitects.ie New website design for David Moriarty & Associates Architects. I have learned so much during this project it's actually crazy but I'm feeling happy and accomplished. With loads of ideas and criticism I think we pulled off a very decent job.
Christmas Card
I have been working on more cards so head to the gallery and check them out. Don't forget to message me and we see what I can do for you. ( Printing not included ).

Ps. I know it isn't Christmas yet but these are the designs I curently work on for a friend ;)


Links to Launched Websites

Here are the links to the websites I designed and launched so far.

  • DMArchitects.ie - This is a website design project for David Moriarty & Associates Architects based in Tralee, Co. Kerry. I have learned so much during this project it's actually crazy but I'm feeling happy and accomplished. With loads of ideas and criticism I think we pulled off a very decent job.
  • S. Collins - Artist Project - This is a website design project for Suzanne Collins the author of the Hunger Games series. Yet again this is just a sample website designed by me in my free time. Please contact me with any queries. Re-design and sale of the design is a possibility.
  • Four Seasons Project - This is a sample project I completed in my own time based on the design in the Web Design gallery. It illustrates the use of multiple style sheets, one for layout, and the other for colours. Please contact me if you have any questions or if you want to use this code. Re-design and sale of the design is a possibility.
  • louisesmithphysiotherapy.com - This is the website I started as a part of my work experience for my course. The work experience only lasted 2 weeks so I didn't get to finish it then. I met up with Louise recently to finish the project and here it is!
    ( UPDATE!!! Unfortunately Louise removed the website avilable under www.louisesmithphysiotherapy.com as she is not using it anymore so I am placing it here on my website for preview purposes. )

Contact Me

If you have any questions regarding my work or if you have a project in mind you can contact me by filling in the information below. I will contact you as soon as possible.